Adventures I Want to Have

I like to see these as long-term goals. I love lists, and I love checking them off. Lord willing, I will be checking each and every one of these off, and adding more as time goes on.


⇒ See the Wicked Broadway Musical

⇒ Visit the West Coast – Summer 2017 Visit my photography blog to see my 2 week trip exploring the entire coast and even going into Canada!

Visit the East Coast  – Summer 2016 Visit my traveling blog to see our adventures!

⇒Stargaze in a truck-bed full of pillows

⇒Go oversees (preferably Ireland or England)

Memorize an entire chapter of the Bible (other than Psalms) – 2018 Memorized Ephesians 1 and 2

⇒Have an in-home studio

⇒Hike the Smoky or Appalachian Mountains – During our visit to Canada!!

⇒Visit Niagara Falls

⇒Photograph the Milky Way