About Me

Simply Caitlin.


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Follower of Christ

Lover of photography, reading, running, hiking, camping, music, close friendships, the color blue, cold weather and big hoodies, campfires, children, spring, drawing, piano, singing, and all things beautiful.

Happily married since April 2018 to the man of my dreams and the one who I never expected to walk into my life. Expecting our first little on in March 2019.

I write about the joys of the Christian life, and whatever else comes up in my life. I believe that we are saved by an obedient faith in Christ as God’s son. (John 8:24) But we can’t just believe and remain in our sins. (Luke 13:3) To follow Christ means to obey all of His commands,  to be willing to confess our belief before others, (Romans 10:10) and to put Him on in baptism which is how we access His saving blood, and therefore receive forgivness of sins. (Acts 2:38; Romans 6:4)  If you believe that I am incorrect in any of these beliefs, you would be my friend to let me know. I would welcome any opportunities to study God’s word on these issues, as it is the deciding factor between life and death.

“Listen without interrupting, speak without accusing, give without sparing, pray without ceasing, answer without arguing, share without pretending, enjoy without complaint, trust without wavering, forgive without punishing, promise without forgetting.”



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