Reply to “7 Reasons Why I’m NOT Wired to be a Full-Time Mommy”

21b643cb1068c9d1491abae4316e056a One of my Facebook friends recently shared an article that was written by someone who had a child, wanted to invest in their life, but at the same time stay in their profession. Now I’m so glad she wanted and planned to be a stay-at-home mom. But as her blog post went on, she realized she just couldn’t do it after talking to her husband and friends. It was the list she made as reasons why she couldn’t be a stay-at-home mom that I found to be somewhat skewed. (And I know very well there are some circumstances which force the mother to work outside of the home, even though they long to stay at home with their children, and they would choose that in a heartbeat if it was at all possible. In no way do I want to make those mom’s feel bad.)   The blogger’s reasons why she was not wired to be a full-time mommy went as follows:

1. I need to serve and minister – Counseling others is not a job, but my ministry. Giving of my time, attention, finances, is what fills me. I need to be emptied to be filled again.

Yes, we are called to serve. What better way to serve than with your children? Your children are also who you make your ultimate sacrifices for. Time, attention, finances and so much more. Who better to counsel than your own offspring? 1754a9434b56c7aec57d749700342dcc

3. I enjoy projects – Setting goals, planning ideas, and seeing them come to fruition is rewarding. Not only that, but the best part is how the Lord blesses others through my little projects. AND, I am blessed beyond measure by seeing lives transformed.

Projects. Kid’s love projects. You can enjoy doing fun projects with your children even if you don’t homeschool, while at the same time nurturing a relationship with them that only you can have. Why would you pass off the sweetest, most enjoyable years of your children’s life to someone else? Someone who doesn’t love them like you do, doesn’t encourage them like you do, someone who can’t always kiss their boo-boos, someone who can’t understand them like you can, and someone who wouldn’t lay down their life for them. The idea of setting goals, planning ideas comes in when you think about how you want to train your children. When your children have grown, you see the fruit of your labor. The best way you can bless others is by raising children who love the Lord and obey His commandments.

4. I am passionate about what I do – Things can change in the future, but right now I love what I do too much to let it go. I’m truly one of those fortunate individuals that wakes up in the morning and is excited to go to work. I know, you hate me – LOL

Be passionate about one of the most important jobs in the world. You are in charge of raising up the new generation and the future leaders of God’s church. You are the person who is in charge of guiding these innocent children to learn what is true and just. “I love what I do too much to let it go”? Why can this not be said in respect to raising your children?

5. I am great at what I do – This may sound a bit prideful or egotistical, but it’s the opposite. Humility has taught me that my accomplishments are ALL God. It is not by my strength, but by His might that I serve. He gives me the skills and tools to learn and share with the world. I am assisting people with lasting breakthroughs.

Ok, so you are awesome at your job. That’s great! But God has given all women the skills and tools to learn how to be a mom. Through His word, we can all learn to be great moms. The world isn’t just holding it’s breath waiting for you and your wonderful talents to be unleashed on everyone. But Heaven is holding it’s breath, hoping that the little ones God has entrusted to you will grow up to be servants of our Lord and King.

6. I am called for more – My desire is to serve the world and be the hands and feet of the Lord. That means, there is more to do. I can’t do that without taking action. After all, that is what it means to be compassionate.

You  most definitely are called for more. There is no job more important, or that has more at stake that training up a child ready to serve God and His kingdom. So much is at stake. When your kids are grown and gone, will you feel that you were called for more then? What will you regret, having spent every single day with your child, who learned all that there is worth learning about from you, or will you regret leaving them behind each day while you spent the day at ‘work’? 41ad9a33a03d2553e6bb32f3ce0bc171

  7. My mind needs structure – I will go nuts! – I’m being very honest here. If I don’t work on a project, my mind will go crazy. My creativity needs an outlet. Containing creativity saddens my soul, while unleashing it, energizes it.

Can structure not be used in the home? Granted, I haven’t been a mom yet, so I can’t speak from experience, but there are so many projects you can work on being at home. This, I do know by watching my mom as I grow up. Creativity has several outlets in the home. Make up fun games to play with your children. Go on field trips. Organize your house. Schedules are the only way you can survive, and that is what structure is. What is wrong with today’s society when they think that staying at home with your little ones causes you to become stagnant, forces you to withhold your gifts to the world, and contains your creativity within you? Sure, you can’t always have structure when kids are involved. But we aren’t living in Candy Land where everything is sweet and perfect. You learn to unleash your creativity in new ways as you have to go with the flow, and rearrange your plans constantly thanks to that little wonderful new life that has joined your family.   a1310871bdf25eb882dfaa6758e526f2

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