“He opened the door for me!”

Every girl wants a guy who shows the thoughtfulness to open doors for her or any lady he is in company with.



Don’t be hung on on the small details though.

Opening doors is actually very simple thing to remember and do. Especially if they are trying to impress you. But respecting you, and your parents, is a totally different area, and much harder to do at all times.

I have been in a relationship where I had the car door, building doors, restaurant doors, and any other kind of door opened for me any time I was entering any kind of establishment with my significant other. This was something that kind of awed me, because I hadn’t seen a couple where the guy opened every single door for his girl anytime he was around. But I was having it done for me!

But then as the relationship went on, I kept noticing little things that showed me he wasn’t wholly respecting my parents, and therefore me, in the guidelines they had set forth in our relationship. The silly voice inside of me would say something like, “But I must just not be seeing things right. Because he obviously has good intentions, he’s showing that he does think about showing me respect, since he’s always so good at showing he respects me in public.”

Change focus to another couple I know. Are the doors always opened for my friend? Nope. Sure, they are every once in a while. But not every single time she is faced with a building she needs to enter. But this guy will go and wash dishes at her family’s house without even being asked. he tells her exactly what she needs to hear, even if it’s not pleasant. And so much more.

Don’t settle for a guy who does the little things in life and falls short on the important ones. Make sure he really treasures and respects you by watching how he responds to your parents, and other authorities, and by finding out if he can love you enough to tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. Find one who actually puts forth the effort to truly respect you. After all, down the road, is it all that important that the doors are opened for you? There are better and more impacting ways for your boyfriend/significant other to show you that he respects and cares for you.  Sure,  having doors opened is great, makes you feel special, and does show that his momma trained him how to treat ladies in public.  But as the years go by, is that the only thing you will be able to point to in exemplifying how your husband respects you? Find a guy that you can fill a long list of all the ways he shows that he truly loves and respects the person that he’s in love with. It will be worth it.




One thought on ““He opened the door for me!”

  1. nadiestel says:

    This… is well put. Little things are good and show good training. But there’s more to truly good training than the mere pleasantries such as opening doors. Glad to read this refreshing blurb!

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